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They are importers, wholesalers, distributors and major stationery chains from North, Central, South America and the Caribbean. A ​Selection ​Committee...

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The vendors are stationery products manufacturers, with production capacity to increase exports. Their production plants may be located anywhere in...

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I feel very pleased of having attended the MarketPlace of the America, event to which we attend thanks to the CORPEI support.
The buyers companies, the organization, the Hotel and the outside activities part recreational of the event were even excellent, from today it will be our job will be to keep up with the contacts and to focus the business. We hope we are surprised in the same way for the next event.

Luis Carvajal Toral Poligráfica - Ecuador

Miami is always a place to find everything, good shopping, good beer, pleasant days and warm nights.
The Babel city, that mix all the American cultures in the most natural way you can imagine, being in Miami we are at home. Congratulations for choosing Miami as the city to carry out the BTS Marketplace of The Americas!
In these business’ day in Miami I had the opportunity to meet with the main players of this huge American market
I have talk to old friends and I also have met new friends, new companies, new business’ possibilities…
A friendship and cordiality environment without stopping being extremely professional meeting. That, for me it is the first step to do good business.
Congratulations then, for the pleasant and organized way of driving the MarketPlace.
In all my professional life, in this industry, I would like to say that the BTS Marketplace has been the best event in which I have had the opportunity to attend, both for the organization as for the quality of interviews and the profile of the participant companies, as well as for the possibilities of business that are glimpsed.

Joao Crepaldi Graphia – Brazil

The time for the event is operated very efficiently, which is a plus for buyers and sellers.

Patricio Yépez Russo Expocsa S.A. - Ecuador

This event is an excellent way to begin to develop long term relationships. The buyer attendees were profesional, serious and mostly well prepared.

Jean-Pierre Cayer First Base Inc - Canada

The event is very good, perhaps by having participated in previous editions of this I find it interesting and I’m closing deals with companies.

Guillermo Pérez Florida Products - Argentina

I would like to thank you for all the attention received during the great event, also would like to congratulate the high quality and professionalism with which coordinated the Marketplace.

Most have said that these meetings will definitely replace in the short term the markets.

A very good reason to talk with colleagues from different countries to exchange ideas and business references.

Vendors have commented that it is an ideal place to meet the industry’s largest firms in Latin America.

Jürgen Sauter Sauter Mayoreo S.A. – Costa Rica

I wanted to thank you and congratulate you once again for a very successful event. With the continued involvement of OFICE makes sense, the “networking” contacts, to see many familiar faces, etc … definitely added value.

Stefan Bonacker Ofica Representaciones - Venezuela

Many thanks for all your help, patience and usual fantastic organization in Miami. It was a pleasure to participate, and once again many thanks.

David Adams S.P. Richards – USA

I appreciate the hospitality we received in the Market Place. Congratulations to all the team for the excellent coordination and execution of the event.

Karim Eltit Pronobel S.A. - Chile

I wanted to thank you for the support and assistance provided prior to and during The MarketPlace, truly, working with you and share this event were very nice.

Ezequiel Celani edding – Argentina

We would both like to thank the Marketplace team for the very good preparation, organization and execution of the event.
We met many potential customers suitable for a long-term cooperation with DURABLE. The concept of fixed appointments with buyers sitting down for discussions and presentations is marvelous. You make much better contacts this way. We need to work hard on following up and sincerely hope that we can establish a successful business in Central and South America.
We look forward to continuing working with this fair in the future.

Edite Carvalho and Marco Vella DURABLE Hunke & Jochheim – Germany

Thanks for your kindness and perfect development of the event.
It was a great experience and opportunity to meet many Latin American manufacturers with which I hope to have successful businesses.

Alberto Ramos-Marti Staples Brand / USA

I appreciate very much the invitation to The Marketplace, it was an interesting experience and I hope this becomes good business results.

Daniel Bryt Managing Director @ Papelería Galli - Uruguay

“The organization of the event could not have been better, every single detail of the activity was designed to be useful, not only in meetings but also for social activities. These were very helpful to strengthen relationships among all companies. Thanks to the organizing team for doing a great job and for making us feel part of the family. We will give our support for future activities and wish you success in all your projects.”

Emmanuel Jaquez Administrative Manager @ Sup. Renma, S.R.L. / R. Dominicana

“It’s the first time I attend to The MarketPlace and I have to say that the organization was extraordinary. All the details, starting from the contact to invite us, the accommodation and meals. The business meetings format was super effective and productive. As we would say “straight to the point”, what do you do? and what do you do offer?, especially with the MarketPlace support about knowing that we are doing business with reliable companies in the industry… An excellent experience, I thank to all the MarketPlace team, great hosts!. MarketPLace staff made my staying pleasant and productive. Congratulations on your tenth anniversary!”

Kathy Lau General Manager @ Inversiones Unisa S.A.C. / Peru

“Attending the MarketPlace Americas – tenth edition was very productive for Staples Latam. This format let us meet a lot of different suppliers in a short time period, and also to develop relationships among potential buyers and vendors from all around the world. I had the opportunity to participate in two other last editions and the importance of such event is growing every year. The subsequent follow up of vendors is very good, making this way concrete opportunities to do business”.

Gonzalo Santander Director Merchandising @ Staples Latam / Brazil - Argentina

“MarketPlace 2015 was an excellent experience to me. It is a format that maximize time regarding business meetings with potential suppliers, with 100% attention from both parties, without any interruption. The organization was perfect and social events strengthened relationships in a relaxed environment.
Congratulations to all the The MarketPlace team & El Papel Latin-American Magazine and we wish you success in every event you will carry out”.

Daniel Bryt Managing Director @ Papelería Galli / Uruguay

“First of all, I would like to thank the staff’s hospitality and congratulate all of you for an excellent organization of the event. Secondly, I believe that the meetings’ dynamic was appropriate to have business propositions from vendors and also to share our needs as buyers. MarketPlace allowed us to find differences and similarities in our respective positions, in order to think about future agreements and businesses. Third, the cruise in Miami made us strengthen relationships with all the attendees to meet each other for trade relations in the future”.

Leticia Cueto Manager @ Maita / Paraguay

“MarketPlace was a high-performance experience to me; I got very good contacts, now I have a very interesting data base of suppliers for the business. The event was well organized and highly professional. Thank you very much for inviting me and I hope to attend next year!”

Geraldine Valle Regional Buyer @ Almacenes Siman / El Salvador

“MarketPlace is an excellent opportunity for those who participate in the stationery business, either as buyers or sellers, since we have the chance to meet and share together during two days of well-planned work with people that share common interests. Buyers have the opportunity to approach manufacturers to assess new prospects, and vendors the opportunity to contact new potential customers with the possibility to expand their market. It is also a great opportunity to greet and share experiences with those who we already have a business relationship many years ago”.

Carlos Matute General Manager @ Jocar / Mexico

“The event was very interesting and “we are going to have very good results from this experience for sure”. I got in contact with significant companies, 80% of these suppliers deal with products that my company use to trade, and I had no idea that these existed. Examples include suppliers from Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, India, among other countries, representing new opportunities to compete in the market in which we participate considering that our largest source of import is China. I noticed that there is a large and very competitive market outside of Asia, you just have to look around for it and this event was a great opportunity to do it”.

Fabio Iván Hoyos Quintero Manager @ Dist. e Imp. Antioquia / Colombia

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