Who are the Vendors?

The vendors are stationery products manufacturers, with production capacity to increase exports. Their production plants may be located anywhere in the world.

Reliable and competitive suppliers make of the MARKETPLACE AMERICAS the best way to find new products and business partners.

Products Categories

  • Fine Writing Instruments
  • School Supplies
  • Games and Learning Materials
  • Furniture and Equipment for Education
  • Office Products: Laminators,
  • ​Bookbinding, S​hredders, etc.
  • Furniture​, and Office Equipment
  • Desk Items
  • Filing products, Presentation Products, Shelving
  • Art products
  • Materials and Tools for Crafts & Hobby
  • Inks, Computer Supplies and Accessories
  • Equipment for refilling ink cartridges
  • Wrapping materials: Paper, ribbons, boxes
  • Gift cards
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Office Electronics
  • Cork/Magnetic Whiteboard and similar

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