•What is Marketplace Americas?

It’s the best format in which “Relationships are built”.

•How does it work?

During two scheduled business days, thousand of short, private, focused and extremely productive meetings are performed.

•Who organizes it and how long it is carried out?

It’s organized by “El Papel” Latin American Magazine, the only specialized magazine in the stationery industry that circulates in more than 20 countries of Latin America.


•Who are the Buyers?

They are importing companies, wholesalers, distributors and major stationer chains from North, Central, South America and the Caribbean.

Buyers from Europe will attend the Marketplace

•Which parameters are used to evaluate the attendee Buyers?

A Selection Committee studies the Buyer Company, by taking into account its background, stability, prestige and reliability in each country.

•Who can participate as vendor (supplier)?

Manufacturers of stationery, office, school, art, handcraft, computer supplies and other ítems which, can be distributed in the stationer channel.

•What should I do to register in the event?

Our website:


Additional information: direccion@marketplace-americas.com