What is MarketPlace Americas?

We are a Latin American lifestyle business meeting event oriented to the industry, where the most important businessmen meet and build a long term business relationship. Come and join this selected group of industry experts.

MarketPlace Americas is a new format in which “Relationships are Built”; those necessary to enhance business now and to develop commercial contacts for the future. The key for doing business is having the right connections, even if you have good products and the sales channels are well know, you will always need a relationship with the key contacts to have success.

When professional buyers get together with expert producers, they do what they both know best: buy and sell. During the MarketPlace meeting, thousands of short, concrete and extremely productive interviews are performed in very few hours. In addition, participants share breakfasts, lunches and dinners as well as entertainments and why not, some drinks together. All this helps to build long-lasting relationships for making good business.

A professional buyer knows that when visiting a trade show, there is often not enough time for many effective interviews… Therefore we offer you many contacts in a very short period of time, and for very little cost.

We offer

Long term relationships

Private business meetings