About Samples Shipping

Regarding samples/package shipping, it is very important to take into account the following information:  

*Please contact The UPS Store for Outbound shipping rates.

Boxes 0-5 pounds are $10.00 & 6-10 pounds are $12.50.
Boxes 11 pounds and up are $18.75 per box.
Boxes 26 – 50 pounds are $37.50 and boxes 50 – 75 pounds $56.25.

The Pallets are a flat charge of $275.00 and must be pre-arranged for delivery through our Convention Services/Catering Department. The Hotel will only receive pallets up to three days prior to the scheduled event date. Please note the hotel has limited storage space in our package room so pallets will be assessed based on the Hotels availability.

Outbound fees subject to any outbound freight/handling charges: Current charge $275.00. Please contact your Convention Services/Catering Manager for further assistance.

When shipping materials to the hotel, please use the following format/address:

The UPS Store inside the DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld Business Center

Name of person to receive package

Name of event

10100 International Drive

Orlando, Florida 32821


407-370-8608 P

407-352-6451 F


Note: If you need to send your samples from Orlando back to your country, it´s necessary that you make all the arrangements with your courier, we suggest to bring the forms with you, so you can fulfill without any problems once you finish the exhibition.