Private business meetings

It’s a new format in which “Relationships are Built”. Come and join this selected group of industry experts.

We introduce the strongest importers (VIP Buyers) of Office, School, Arts & Crafts, Computer supplies and related stationery products.
Those that have remained stable due to their knowledge in how to face the most difficult times.

Those necessary to enhance business now and to develop commercial contacts for the future.
The key for doing business is having the right connections, even if you have good products and the sales channels are well know, you will always need a relationship with the key contacts to have success.

Two days of pre-scheduled private meetings to do business with targeted buyers, the best of Latin America.

During two scheduled business days, thousand of short, private, focused and extremely productive meetings are performed.

Marketplace of Americas has also provided, friendship & bonds, among people who already had something in common and due to they live in different countries the relationship did not exist.

Everything is planned and organized well so that every minute is productive and every detail contribute to create the best human environment, discounting that there will always be an unexpected event that will allow the organizing team to demonstrate their ability, qualification and experience.

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