• What is Marketplace Americas?

It’s the best format in which “Relationships are built”.

  • How does it work?

During two scheduled business days, thousand of short, private, focused and extremely productive meetings are performed.


  • Who organizes it and how long it is carried out?

It’s organized by “Marketplace Americas”, a group with a trajectory of fifteen consecutive years of specialists in developing exports for Latin America.

  • Who are the Buyers?

They are importes, wholesalers, distributors and major specialized chains from North, Central, South America and the Caribbean.

Buyers from Europe will attend the Marketplace

  • Which parameters are used to evaluate the attendee Buyers?

A Selection Committee studies the Buyer Company, by taking into account its background, stability, prestige and reliability in each country.

  • Who can participate as vendor (supplier)?

Manufacturers of dinning, living, garden and related lifestyle products  which, can be distributed in Latin America.

  • What should I do to register in the event?

Our website:


Additional information: intl.media@marketplace-americas.com